TSC Poseidon München e.V. 30th Anniversary

Last weekend in July 2018 we celebrated the 30th founding anniversary of our scuba diving club TSC Poseidon München e.V.

As site we choose the TAUCHERKESSEL located in Löbejün in the German State Saxony-Anhalt.
Unfortunately our drive to there took a bit longer on Friday because of school finish for vacation in Bavaria.
The dive spot is an old surface mining with 3 quarries. All of them can be dived. On the first one the dive center is located for registration (9,- Euros per day). The lessee is a bit difficult or let me say “special” but unless you follow his rules and regulations everything is without any trouble.

The diving there is good in the morning before more and more diver were in. The visibility can be relay great but becomes worse very soon when diver come in touch with the bottom. Maximum depth is 20-25 m depending on the surface water level.

The second quarry is the best one I think. The entrance is difficult resulting in less divers per day and fantastic visibility.

The third on is also very nice and has an easy access over a stone stair down to a small area for sun bathing too.

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A lot of divers coming with campers or tents and staying overnight. We had a hotel booking in the neighborhood.

I dove all three quarries in good and poor visible conditions, made 3 nice scooter dives and had a lot of fun be shooting pictures form the old mining equipment. Finally I drove home with 6 logged dives.

You can find some pikes, rudds, sturgeons and many red catfishes.

I total I made 6 fantastic dives with Stefan, Sven and Andrea+Markus.

The anniversary celebration itself was a big barbecue and many nice talks. The whole time before we had temperatures more than 30° but for the barbecues it starts raining as usual for our summer parties. With plenty of humor and a bit of sarcasm we spent the evening on quarry No. 3 with a lot of nice talks about the history of our diving club.

I left Löbjün and arrived Munich (480 km) within less than 4 hours drive = half of he time spent on Friday 😉