2017 October – Indonesia, Komodo & Alor

September / October 2017 I traveled once again with Tom from Scuba Native Tauchreisen to Indonesia.

First stop was on the DUYUNG BARU, well known to me from my previous trip in 2012. Second stop was on ALOR island.

I flew out from Munich to Rome and after a very comfortable flight with Singapore Airlines with a stop over in Singapore I arrived relaxed at Denpasar where Tom was waiting. Unfortunately my luggage got lost on the flight so I had a short shopping tour for some shirts and shorts after the check-in in the LEBOUITIQUE Hotel.

During our dinner all other guests for the Komodo Tour arrived.

Early in the morning of the next day we started our journey with a flight to LABUAN BAJO where Yani, the owner and captain of the DUYUNG BARU, picked us up.

We had to accept that Chinese groups with oversized suitcases were preferred guests on our flight resulting on less diving luggage arrived (from our group).
Nevertheless with a good mood we entered the DUYUNG BARU. I really like this vessel because it was built by the owners themselves and gives all the comfort necessary for a fantastic atmosphere on board and scuba diving activities. Not to forget the fantastic crew and Yani&Vovo. Our tour was accompanied by Yani and as guide Andy (from South Africa) was hired.

We spent the first night not far away from LABUAN BAJO waiting for news regarding our luggage. All guests except me received their bags in the evening and we left early in the morning for the first dives. During cruising I checked the rental equipment on board a felt very comfortable with it. Normally I’m insisting on my own diving gear but what should I do in such situation, sunbathing perhaps? After many calls and two days waiting I got information that my bag is on the way and with fantastic support of Yani and Andy it arrived on board the third day late evening. Everybody, especially Yani were happy because I had a lot of chocolate and cheese in my bag and it seemed that the bag was not stored under poor condition.

I shared the room in front of the vessel with Marius – a Swiss diver – and together with Tom we formed a perfect buddy team during the following days.

In my opinion we could have had a bit more current dives but the whole group was a little bit inherent so focus was on photographs and easy diving, too.

I missed some of the fantastic diving spots with amazing current – which was the reason for my return to Komodo. So I have to come again – Yani&Vovo be sure I’ll be back.

After one week we had to leave for the trip to ALOR. We had booked two flights with one additional landing and so we arrived at ALOR the same day in the afternoon. On a typical small Indonesian Airport the crew from the Eco Divers ALOR was waiting for us. During a very slow drive over the Island to a small harbor we had the chance to make many pictures. Having reached the harbor we were informed that a couple would arrive later but we would have to wait for them for the ride over the sea with the two speed boots.
At this time of sundown we saw one big whale crossing and five schools of dolphins jumping.

What a fantastic welcome!

Arrived at the beach of our resort we had a very warm welcome by the operators and the crew and after checking the fantastic bungalows, we met for resort briefing and dinner.

Ok, that’s what I like, staying at the end of the world on a beautiful white sandy beach, together with friends having the same intention scubadiving and relaxing.

At this time some other guests from France, Italy and Switzerland were already there. So the teams for the speed boots and the diving spots were fixed easily.

Tom and I we asked for some spots know from some articles and recommended by friends but we did not really succeed. Only two times we had the chance to dive the fantastic walls.

Unfortunately the focus was again on macro spots. Together with the Swiss couple and a single girl we succeeded to make two dives on Yellow Corner a place a little bit deeper and with good current.
I fell in love with the moment and this place because I enjoy this kind of diving together with perfect buddies much more than the macro spot diving, it is more challenging and exiting. I feel good in reading the current and following -what can I do for it 😉

Here I shared the bungalow with Tom and we had a lot to talk like Waldorf and Stadler from the Muppets. Now after some trips together we know each other quite well and so it is easy traveling and sharing fun with a really good friend.

Finally I have to say, it was once again a perfectly organized trip by Scuba Native Tauchreisen and it was not the last one together of course. Thanks a lot Angie!

I had a fantastic stay on ALOR island with – from my point of view – some missed chances.

The way back home was composed of five flight segments ALOR => KUPANG => DENPASAR => SINGAPORE => DÜSSELDORF => MUNICH. What a fun and luck that I really like aviation products 😉


All pictures and videos underwater are shoot with GOPRO5 black and Video lights. Copyright by Uwe Scheit